Maddy got kicked out of the house by her parents for fucking her boyfriend under their roof. Now she had nowhere to go but it didn't take long before a "helpful" guy spotted her and her luggage along the side of the road.


He stopped beside her and she told him the whole story. He offered her a place to stay for the night and she said yes after a little hesitation. She was right to hesitate cause there was a catch; he wanted to penetrate her tight little twat! She didn't really mind it though and already in the car she started to pay off her new debt.


She gave him head on the way home and when they got to his apartment she threw away all of her clothes and sucked his big dong some more before he got to fuck her. He nailed her in a bunch of positions while holding the camera at the same time, before he pulled out and jizzed on her fit rump.


Watch the video from this scene here!


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